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Organic production

In the remote “Meseta” of Lake Strobel, an area of approximately 2600 km2 in the centre of the province of Santa Cruz, Patagonia, Argentina, more than a decade ago a focus of semi-extensive salmonid production started to be developed. This remarkable and beautiful region, ecologically intact as it is, hosts hundreds of bodies of water varying in their configuration and size some of which may even extend to more than 700ha.

1. Fry Sow

Fry are released in low densities.





2. Natural lagoons

The natural lagoons are located in an ecologically intact region in Patagonia argentina.





3. Natural product

Our trout main source of food are crustaceans - amphipoda- (Hyallela fossamancini) and cladocera which live in the lagoons.




4. Artisan harvest

Local fishermen from Santa Cruz province harvest our trout following traditional methods. Low quantity harvests are made caring for animal welfare at all stages in the process.



5. Premium quality at sight

Our Rainbow trout (Oncorhychus mykiss) experiment an extraordinary growth at the lagoons in the Strobel area and have an excellent appearance due to the intense pink colour of their flesh, which is obtained through their main source of food: crustaceans - amphipoda- (Hyallela fossamancini) and cladocera. Thanks to this natural resource that enhances fish growth and development, they reach good sizes and health without the necessity of any exogenous food. Moreover, it is due to the crustaceans’ special characteristics that the environments can be permanently used for trout breeding in a sustainable way.


6. Premium products

The peculiar colour of the flesh and the sturdy and healthy appearance of the trout which is superior to what is generally seen in the market worldwide make our trout of “premium” quality. Besides, our trout are certified organic. (See Organic Certification). The obtained production is processed and stockpiled at a modern abattoir located in Puerto Deseado (province of Santa Cruz), and its commercial destiny aims both to national and international market.